About Us

Girls' Brigade is part of a global Christian movement with a great history and a passionate vision for this generation and the future - it’s committed to seeing lives and communities transformed and enriched as individuals seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ.

Its work is expressed in various ways, but all with the same aim – that children and young people discover what it means to experience and share ‘life to the full’, an expression Jesus used to explain what happens in our lives as we follow Him.

We are committed to supporting and developing the various aspects of its ministry and to launching new initiatives in mission.

We are a membership organisation that specialises in working with churches to provide fun and inspiring local groups (known as companies) where girls and young women can belong, achieve and discover Jesus! GB companies are primarily for girls and young women, aged four to 18, and meet most weeks of the year in safe and friendly environments. Other expressions of GB include after school or lunchtime clubs and age-specific groups.
Arise Ministries

Focused on inspiring and equipping churches to pioneer outreach and discipleship clubs and activities for boys and girls aged seven to 11. Arise runs children’s events, trains leaders and produces resources that help children discover Jesus.